01 Jan 2004


Defining Medical Wellness

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This white paper, authored by Christopher Breuleux, PhD, and published by The Medical Wellness Association in 2004, aims to establish a clear conceptual foundation for the emerging field of Medical Wellness. In the face of escalating healthcare costs and a changing healthcare landscape, the paper addresses the necessity of defining the terms and dimensions associated with Medical Wellness to guide the development of industry standards.

The Medical Wellness Association takes a leading role in providing essential leadership and vision, advocating for the integration of medical wellness into mainstream healthcare. The paper emphasizes the significance of a holistic approach to health and medical care, acknowledging the multidimensional aspects of an individual’s well-being, as outlined by the World Health Organization.

Medical Wellness is defined as the practice of health and medical care that focuses on proven wellness outcomes. The paper introduces a specific definition, characterizing it as an approach to healthcare that considers various influences on a person’s health, offering multiple modalities for treating and preventing diseases while promoting optimal well-being.

The dimensions of optimal well-being, including physical, mental, emotional, environmental, spiritual, and social components, are highlighted as integral to the concept of Medical Wellness. The paper emphasizes the need for a paradigm shift, promoting evidence-based medicine alongside holistic health and complementary approaches within a comprehensive health and wellness program.

Medical Wellness is presented as a collaborative effort involving healthcare providers, medical practitioners, and wellness professionals. The paper underscores the importance of a cross-disciplinary approach to patient care, fostering informed consent, and decision support between practitioners and patients. Additionally, it advocates for the establishment of professional standards for wellness practices across clinical settings.

In conclusion, this white paper serves as a foundational resource for healthcare professionals, offering a comprehensive understanding of Medical Wellness and its potential to address the evolving needs of individuals seeking not only prolonged life through medical science but also optimal health and wellness throughout their entire lives.