Samuel Alawieh

Dr. Samuel AlawiehPharm.D

CEO & Founder RXNB Ltd.

Michigan, United States


Dr. Samuel Alawieh received his educational accolades from the University of Windsor, Wayne State University & Ferris State University. Samuel strived for excellence in research, education & entrepreneurship by the mantra of customizing care through integrity, innovation, & compassion. Prior to, his journey initiated at the Windsor YMCA with his first David Covey book from his then CEO & Mentor. Mind, Body & Spirit connectivity was introduced to him as a youth mentor at the age of 16. Onwards, Dr. Alawieh dived into his career with his first undergraduate fellowship with MERCK & Wayne State University at the age of 19. This was his first real lab exposure to synthesizing chemicals for cocaine addiction & Parkinson’s disease treatment investigative modalities. Over the last decade, Dr. Alawieh has dedicated his life to the world of pharmaceutical medicine, nutraceuticals & agricultural medicines. In the last three years, Dr. Alawieh set out to merge, acquire, innovate & launch a full vertical spectrum for offering customized therapeutics, research & development, & products through a business-to-business platform pertaining to the manufacturing, distribution, franchising, licensing, branding & partnering with an incredible network of innovative cutting edge partners to establish a conscious shift into the holistic medicinal platform nationally & internationally. Sam is nationally registered compounding pharmacy franchise recognized and venture implant technology Trade Secret Formulation Licensing nationwide. He has copyright-USPTO Novel compound formulations for pharmaceutical therapy and source code software platform for full vertical specialty pharmaceuticals. Currently, Dr. Alawieh is the CEO & Founder of RXNB LTD, a prescription for new beginnings, motivated to provide fully customizable access to medicine for all market segments, professionals and consumers.


Dr. Alawieh specializes in these areas:

CompoundingExtractions and SynthesisFull Vertical Customized Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)Intellectual Property Licensing and FranchisingMedical Business ConsultingPharmaceutical Formulations

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