Dr Patrick Netter


Inventor of patented seated miniTread and Coach

United States


Patrick Netter, known in the media as the Gear Guru®, has globally introduced iconic products in the wellness, health and fitness sectors for more than three decades. His successes include accurately forecasting health and fitness trends. Patrick is credited with on-camera launching of the world’s first elliptical fitness trainer on The Today Show in the mid-90’s. His creative skills helped breakthrough products achieve global sales — from the first rebounders and Gravity Boots to nanotechnology sporting goods, in addition to the latest brain-training machines He established the world’s first total tech retail equipment store, High-Tech Fitness. The LA-based store attracted a celebrity clientele and led to authoring the acclaimed book High-Tech Fitness, in 2000. Patrick has appeared as an expert industry spokesperson on more than 400 national, local and cable TV news and talk shows on all major networks, as well as podcasts, print and online interviews, including Inc Magazine, GQ and the NY Times. In 2017, Patrick invented a patent-pending breakthrough health machine. It’s a simple but powerful solution for people who sit more than four hours a day. Patrick has taken his years of network TV, on-camera and producer’s experience to create a most effective promotional concept called “Investimercials.” The purpose of these 15-second to 15-minute videos is to communicate a company’s story in an informative, credible and entertaining 60 Minutes-like investigative news format. The result is increased engagement for companies and their consumers. Precor, Panasonic and American Express are among Patrick Netter’s clients. Patrick remains a powerhouse in promoting breakthrough fitness exercise technology worldwide.


  • Fitness and Wellness Sectors
  • Marketing Consumer Health Tech Products
  • Multi-Media and TV Content Producer
  • New Product Development in Exercise
  • On-Camera/Media Training for Executives
  • TV Producer/Host