Dr Olivier Wenker


CEO, Medical Director, Scientific Publications

United States


Dr. Wenker, M.D. is passionately involved in educating patients and the public to better understand the connections between lifestyle choices and health. Modern knowledge of science and genetics/epigenetics combined with the thousands of years of proven treatment modalities open new horizons in promoting wellness. Dr. Wenker is active in the field of integrative and anti-aging medicine, the use of nutritional products for general health, and doping-free performance enhancement. He is also a Fellow in Integrative Cancer Medicine and a Fellow in Metabolic & Nutritional Medicine. Dr. Wenker started his career as a physician in Switzerland in 1985. He is triple European board certified in anesthesiology, critical care medicine and emergency/disaster medicine as well as American board certified in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine and holds the titles of retired Professor and Adjunct Professor at The University of Texas. Dr. Wenker served many years as emergency physician on board of rescue helicopters. He worked as a trauma field physician, rescue diver, disaster lead physician, and as chief of a medical team for special police forces. He also holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Rice University in Houston where he received the prestigious Jones Award for Academic Excellence. Over the past 15 years he was part of multiple committees in Texas and USA-wide acting as judge for business plans and startup competitions and also served as consultant and member of an executive committee for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA. He created two large and very successful technology and business gap funding projects, one for The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and one for The University of Texas System which included 15 individual university campuses. Dr. Wenker recently retired from The University of Texas in order to concentrate on supporting the public internationally with lifestyle and wellness coaching. Dr. Wenker’s specialty and expertise spans from integrative medicine, anti-aging medicine, doping-free athletic performance enhancement, nutritional medicine to analysis of genetic SNP mutations to make appropriate lifestyle and nutrition choices as well as business consulting and formation of gap-funding programs for early stage technologies and start-up companies. Dr. Wenker is a popular International keynote speaker and a member of Scientific Advisory Council for Young Living Essential Oil’s and is also part of the medical team that evaluates and approves ingredients for natural supplements for this international billion dollar company.


  • Integrative Medicine
  • Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Doping-free athletic performance enhancement
  • Gap-funding Programs
  • Nutritional Medicine