Nathaniel Reddy the founder of Sapiens

Nathaniel ReddyMWA, MWF

Founder & CEO at Sapiens

Western Cape, South Africa


Nathaniel Reddy is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Sapiens, an international professional services company with advanced digital capabilities based in South Africa.

Nathaniel began his career at the age of 19 teaching College Information Technology and Software Programming and at the same time, he was leading a part-time digital technology role for a multinational private company.

Nathaniel Reddy founded Sapiens in 2018 after selling software to an American company. Sapiens is on a mission to help people and businesses solve socio-economic challenges through digital solutions and virtual experiences.

Sapiens in just 4 years has grown to assist blue-chip enterprises and medium-sized businesses across the world, accelerating growth through the rapid delivery of custom-developed systems and supplementing their in-house digital teams with holistic development channels through offices based in South Africa and Poland.

In addition, Nathaniel & Sapiens has driven innovation by forming synergy partnerships with the world’s most trusted names in technology.

He has led Sapiens to be an emerging professional services company trusted by international brands and businesses.

With a background in software engineering and computer science, Nathaniel consults organizations across the globe for online growth and systems scalability in 7+ industries, namely, healthcare & wellness.


Mr. Reddy specializes in these areas:

BusinessDigital TransformationLeadershipSoftware Development

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