Micheal J. Burt

M.ED., Administration

Founder & CEO, Micheal Burt Enterprises

United States


Coach Micheal Burt is a former championship women’s basketball coach who specializes in coaching companies and individuals in highly commoditized and saturated markets to achieve new levels of success. He has a deep conviction that a good coach can change your life, and he taps into the intelligence of the body, mind, heart, and spirit with each of his clients with an intensity that is upbeat and highly contagious. Micheal Burt has coached business leaders from small entrepreneurial firms to multi-billion-dollar companies. His coaching program of Monster Producer consistently generates at least a 43% increase in a one-year cycle for coaching clients. Testimony: “Two years ago Coach Micheal Burt was retained by Dr. Steven Hotze, M.D., CEO of the Hotze Health and Wellness Center in Houston, TX. Dr. Hotze wanted a fresh perspective on how to drive sales in a competitive environment where the forces of commoditization were prevalent. Coach Burt put in place a new selling system, a new way to explain their services, an aggressive relationship based referral system, and drastically increased activation events. Dr. Hotze said, “We have had coaches for all the years I’ve been in business but Coach Burt is the best one we have ever had. He brings real strategy and methodology to help you build your business and keeps your people in a forward posture.”


  • Branding
  • High-Performance Culture Specialist
  • Leadership Excellence
  • Marketing
  • Partnerships and Network Enhancement
  • Revenue Growth and Acceleration Strategy Specialist
  • Strategic Business Coaching