Dr Mark Tager


President ChangeWell

United States


Dr. Mark Tager, MD, is CEO of San Diego-based ChangeWell Inc., an organization that trains and coaches healthcare practitioners to enhance their presence in person, on camera and online. A veteran of more than 1,000 presentations, Mark shares his skills and passion to empower those who attend his trainings. He brings a wealth of experience to his professional development work. As a consultant and change agent, he has worked with a broad spectrum of organizations, from Fortune 100 companies to small non-profits. As a physician, he is well grounded in aesthetic, lifestyle, regenerative and integrative medicine. A highly sought after speaker, Mark has authored nine books related to health and performance. Mark’s career was founded on a passion for health promotion and disease prevention. As a medical student at Duke University Medical Center, he created one of the first training programs for medical students in nutrition. In medical school, he also spent time training promotores de salud (barefoot doctors) in the mountains of Guatemala. Mark founded one of the first integrative medicine centers in the U.S., the Institute of Preventive Medicine. He also served as corporate Medical Director for Electro scientific Industries and as Director of Health Promotion for Kaiser Permanente Oregon. Early in his career he wrote a syndicated newspaper column on wellness, produced videos and films, and authored books on health promotion. As VP of Business Development for Mosby Consumer Health, he oversaw the acquisition of five companies as well as the design and deployment of wellness and disease management programs for major corporations, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, insurers and non-profits. He has been actively involved in training and consulting projects in aesthetics, stem cells, medical malpractice prevention, skincare, and advanced cardiac biomarkers. A prolific author and speaker, he has written nine books, the latest beingEnhance Your Presence: The Path to Personal Power, Professional Influence, and Business Results (with Robert John Hughes). Others include Total Engagement: The Healthcare Practitioner’s Guide to Heal Yourself, Your Patients and Your Practice (With Mimi Guarneri, MD), The Art of Aesthetic Practice (with Stephen Mulholland, MD) and Transforming Stress into Power. Mark attended Duke University Medical School and trained in family practice at The Oregon Health & Science University.


  • Building Resilience
  • Health and Productivity
  • Laboratory Sciences
  • Medical Devices
  • Personal and Organizational Transformation
  • Regenerative and Integrative Medicine
  • Stress and Change Management