Dr John Munson


Chairman, Board of Directors, National Wellness Institute

United States


Dr. John W. Munson has spent over 40 years helping to shape the wellness movement in the United States of America and throughout the world. Known for his expertise as in assisting people to begin their personal wellness journey he continues to lead the wellness movement. For over 27 years, Dr. Munson served as the Associate Dean of the School of Health Promotion and Human Development at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. He is professor Emeritus of Health Promotion at the University of Wisconsin where he and colleagues created the world’s first academic program for producing wellness professionals. During this time the health promotion/wellness program became the top undergraduate program in the United States. Dr. Munson currently serves as Co-president of the National Wellness Institute’s Board of Directors (Stevens Point, Wisconsin) and as Director of Marketing and Corporate Training and board member for Vesuvius Health and Wellness located in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Munson offers consulting services to businesses and individuals who wish to implement wellness strategies and programs. He serves as a trainer for Personality Resources Inc. (New York and Toronto) as he seeks to teach people the importance of understanding how personality type influences individual communication styles and human interaction. Dr. Munson was named to the Circle of Leadership for the National Wellness Institute, became a Fellow in the Association for Fitness in Business and serves as a distinguished Medical Wellness Association Advisor, Diplomat and International Ambassador. His leadership in the academic preparation arena resulting in creating the first academic accreditation process to certify undergraduate wellness programs. He continues to be active in assisting universities across the world build high quality academic wellness programs. In addition to his academic and professional pursuits he leads wellness vacations across the world through which he takes active adults to experience other cultures. His wellness background provides a backdrop for engaging people in a wellness lifestyle as they travel.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Consumer Wellness Training
  • Foundation's
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • University-Academic Programs
  • Wellness Vacation Implementation and Board Training