John Lemme


Founder & President, PTX Therapy

United States


John P. Lemme, MWF, has been studying and further developing the methods of Postural Therapy and Postural Strength Training for over 20 years. Throughout his life he has held a tremendous passion for athletics and sports related activities that test the body’s outer limits, as well as giving people hope to heal. After working in numerous clinical environments, he spent over a decade developing the Patented PTX Therapy delivery system, realizing his vision to see many lives changed. PTX proprietary AI (artificial intelligence) technology—US Patent No. 8,715,176—”Method for automated delivery of personalized physical and postural therapy sessions to treat pain” has been used in Fortune 500 companies, instantly delivering personalized therapy programs. As its inventor, all algorithms and protocols of this Virtual Therapy intelligence system originated from John’s study and experience as an athlete and clinician working with thousands of clients, ranging from those with severe pathologies to Olympic and world-class athletes (NFL, NBA, PGA & Notables). Prior to forming PTX Therapy™ John’s work as a strength coach and in physical and postural therapy included head Rehabilitation Specialist and Fitness Trainer for the world-renown Pebble Beach Company. At Pebble he worked closely with Laird Small (Director of Golf – PGA Teacher of the Year) to create a fitness regimen for their world-class Pebble Beach Golf Academy. John has held positions as Senior Therapist and Director of Seminars & Education for The Egoscue Method Clinic in Del Mar, California. Later, in Greenwich Connecticut, the Peak Wellness Center’s Medical Director, author and sports-med physician Carlon Colker, M.D., contracted John to instruct Postural Therapy & Training principles to his Physical Therapy and Personal Training staff and patients. At Northern Arizona University, while pursuing his Master’s of Physical Therapy degree (undergrad B.Sc. degree in Health Science & Nutrition with emphasis in biomechanical kinesiology), John targeted his research efforts outside university textbooks and the PT School’s clinical teachings. Such study included personal application during his college football training camps, which is where John met Harland Svare (former NFL Head Coach & GM, and Linebacker for the N.Y. Giants). Coach Svare co-founded (with Pete Egoscue) the Egoscue Method therapy clinic. Both Harland and Pete worked closely with John as an athlete, and it was John’s experience there that expanded his therapeutic knowledge. John has been contracted to speak on the unique nature of Postural Therapy at numerous corporations, and medical & fitness facilities. Furthermore, for several years he performed seminars and lectures about this therapeutic methodology, from Hawaii to New York to the Virgin Islands, including in front of thousands of participants with Anthony Robbins and the Robbins Research International Team


  • Kinesiology
  • Exercise Science
  • Postural Strength Training
  • Postural Therapy
  • Teaching and Sports Performance
  • Therapeutic Methodology