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James Ho

Dr. James HoMD, PhD, DABCC

Chairman & CEO, Lawke Health Group

Beijing, China


Dr. James J. Ho, MD, PhD, DABCC, Director, Peking Union Lawke Center for Functional Medicine; Executive Dean, and Professor, Functional Medicine Institute, Shanghai Jiaotong University; Director, Microbiome Institute, Peking University; Research Professor, AI-medicine, Tsinghua University; Professor, PhD mentor, lab medicine, Peking Union Medical College/Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

Chairman and CEO, Lawke Health Group, which includes businesses in clinical labs, clinics, wellness centers, AI-medicine, professional line of supplements, medical education etc.

Dr. Ho received his M.D. from Beijing Medical University (Peking University Medical School), PhD from Wake Forest University, and residency/postdoctoral fellowship at Mayo Graduate School of Medicine. Dr. Ho has developed his professional career in US, Hong Kong, and mainland China, including being physician, academic professor, corporate executive, investor, TV show host, and entrepreneur. Dr. Ho introduced functional medicine to China, including training, lab testing, treatment guidelines, etc. There are more than 10,000 physicians being trained on functional medicine, and many of them are practicing functional medicine in hospitals, clinics, wellness centers, and health management centers, etc. Dr. Ho is deputy editor-in-chief of AI-Medicine White Book (2018), published by Tsinghua University.

Dr. Ho specializes in these areas:

AI-MedicineFunctional MedicineLaboratory MedicineMedical Wellness

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