Dr Christopher Breuleux


President of the Medical Wellness Association

United States


Dr. Christopher Breuleux has proven strategic leadership expertise in the medical wellness, health promotion, healthcare and the corporate health wellness industries. As an industry leader, Dr. Breuleux possesses a critical perspective and a unique ability to provide visionary leadership and development for new opportunities in medical wellness, healthcare, corporate and consumer wellness. He is currently the CEO of Medical Wellness Associates, a successful international medical wellness, health fitness consulting, training and development company. Dr. Breuleux has positioned his leadership as the industry frontrunner in developing, branding, and marketing wellness products/programs, creating real-life value propositions for integrated medical and wellness services. He has managed strategic solutions for healthcare, clinical providers, and businesses in launching new health products, capital/project development for integrated medical centers while serving as the wellness expert in developing medical wellness brands for enhanced client outcomes and consumer experiences. As a trusted C-Suite advisor, Dr. Breuleux supports significant organizations, companies, medical, wellness, and health providers. Dr. Breuleux is one of the proven international experts on developing, marketing, and branding medical wellness-health promotion including global companies, medical and health providers. He has had a long and successful career advising organizations across five continents for some of the world’s leading companies and medical healthcare systems. Dr. Breuleux brings a unique blend of corporate health expertise, national wellness leadership as well as sports medicine therapist, health fitness design, facility project development and management experience. He has extensive experience in creating strategic partnership agreements and joint ventures with companies, developers, and vendors within the medical wellness, health promotion, corporate wellness, and population health industries. Dr. Breuleux has successfully planned and developed multiple award-winning national wellness and international company employee health fitness programs. He was recently honored with the Distinguished Medical Wellness Professional Service Award and received the prestigious Research Merit Award from the National Wellness Institute. As President of the Medical Wellness Association, he has developed successful business partnerships, leveraged strategic alliances in creating the world’s leading professional medical wellness network with over two decades of international conferences, forums, and training events. Dr. Breuleux serves on the Medical Advisory Board for Project Walk International and Advisory Board Member for the American College of Wellness, Fitness Formulary, the Fitness Network, Medical Wellness, and Mithra Health. His clients include Fortune 50 companies, hospitals, physicians, health providers, associations, universities/schools, franchises, clubs/spas, and wellness operations. He has provided services to over 600 companies, hospitals and providers including the first joint partnerships between multiple hospital systems, joint university-medical wellness centers and member-club-hospital programs. Dr. Breuleux has held leadership and faculty positions at several universities including The Ohio State University, University of Michigan, Tulane University, Xavier University, Miami University, University of Cincinnati, and the University of Houston. He has served in leadership roles with several National Fitness and Wellness Councils and the National Governors Council on Health and Fitness. Dr. Breuleux is a Distinguished Fellow with the American College of Wellness, Association for Worksite Health Promotion, The Association of Fitness for Business, Medical Wellness Diplomat, MWA Faculty and serves as corporate trainer and advisor for several companies, hospitals, communities and professional associations. He provides international training, advising, and development with a personal network of over 500,000 health, medical and wellness professionals. Dr. Breuleux is a licensed MTI Therapy Instructor, Master Trainer for Wellness Advocate Certification, and a highly sought-after corporate and employee trainer with over 1,000 professional presentations and company training engagements.


  • Business Development
  • Branding
  • Alliances