Our members are comprised of industry leaders as MWA advisors, diplomats, and our faculty.

Our members are comprised of Medical Wellness Experts and Leaders including MWA Advisors, Honored Diplomats, and our Global Certified Faculty Members.

The Medical Wellness Association Faculty and Trainers include our leading experts in health and medical care, wellness and personalized medicine, complementary, integrative and functional medicine, physiology, medical wellness, aging, gerontology, longevity, performance, sports medicine, physical therapy, employee health promotion, ergonomics, worksite wellness, marketing, branding, strategic business planning, forecasting, auditing, coaching, medical nutrition, supplements, imaging, medical devices, testing assessments and clinical research. 

Our MWA distinguished faculty provide professional expertise and are instrumental in review of standards, guidelines, programs, products, research, publications, trainings, future planning, certification and professional acceptance for the Association.

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