Finding Meaning In Medicine

Finding Meaning in Medicine fosters a supportive community for healthcare professionals to explore their core values, rekindle their commitment to service, and find deeper meaning in their work amidst the challenges of modern healthcare.

Finding Meaning in Medicine is a community of like-minded healthcare professionals dedicated to rekindling in one another the commitment to service and exploring the core questions of a life in medicine. This community addresses pressing concerns such as:

  • Are you feeling the strain of practicing good medicine in today’s tumultuous medical and healthcare environment?
  • Do you still experience the same enjoyment and satisfaction that your profession once gave you?
  • Are you a medical student who wants to hold on to your ideals and values? Or another healthcare professional or practitioner who holds the vision of a more holistic healthcare system?
  • Do you yearn for a community of physicians or other like-minded healthcare professionals, medical educators, and students who share your values of compassion, harmlessness, reverence for life, and service?
  • Do you wonder how to rediscover and strengthen the meaning of your work?

The Institute for the Study of Health and Illness (ISHI) has been assisting physicians nationwide in developing self-directed, ongoing values and meaning discussion groups in their communities, independent of institutional support.

The Core Mission

Finding Meaning in Medicine has evolved into a simple and replicable group process that enables physicians to uncover the deep meaning that lies beneath the daily routine of practice. It helps them find strength within a community of peers who share their values. This initiative is not limited to physicians; medical students, other healthcare professionals, and medical educators are now replicating the program and adapting it to meet their respective needs.

Community and Support

The program provides a structured way for healthcare professionals to connect, reflect, and support each other. By creating small, intimate groups, participants can share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs in a safe environment. This camaraderie helps mitigate the feelings of isolation and burnout that are common in the medical field.

Resources and Networking

The Finding Meaning in Medicine website,, offers a wealth of resources needed to help start an FMM group in your community. It also provides opportunities to network with other FMM group facilitators or join an online FMM group with colleagues. The site features guides, discussion prompts, and testimonials from current members, providing inspiration and practical advice for those looking to deepen their connection to their work and to each other.

Impact and Expansion

By fostering these discussions and connections, Finding Meaning in Medicine not only helps individual practitioners but also aims to bring about a broader cultural shift within the healthcare profession. This shift emphasizes holistic care, personal fulfillment, and the intrinsic values that drew many to the field of medicine in the first place.

Embracing Holistic Values

For those who envision a more compassionate and holistic healthcare system, Finding Meaning in Medicine offers a beacon of hope. It supports healthcare professionals in maintaining their ideals and values, even in the face of the immense pressures of modern medicine. By doing so, it helps ensure that the healthcare system evolves to better meet the needs of both patients and practitioners.

In essence, Finding Meaning in Medicine is about creating a community where healthcare professionals can rediscover the joy and fulfillment of their calling. It is about finding purpose in their work and building a supportive network that reinforces their commitment to compassionate and holistic care.