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The Medical Wellness Association is the recognized international leader for medical wellness professionals, best practices, programs, research, education, training and services.


Dr. Christopher Breuleux

Dr. Christopher Breuleux has proven strategic leadership expertise in the medical wellness, health promotion, healthcare, and the corporate health wellness industries.

As an industry leader, Dr. Breuleux possesses a critical perspective and a unique ability to provide visionary leadership and development for new opportunities in medical wellness, healthcare, corporate, and consumer wellness. He is currently the President of Medical Wellness Association, a successful international medical wellness, health fitness consulting, training, and development company.

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Dr. Christopher Breuleux

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We embrace diversity, nationalities, fostering a collaborative culture committed to holistic well-being and innovative medical wellness solutions.

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Our Mission

For over two decades, the Medical Wellness Association (MWA) has been at the forefront of advancing the integration and professional development of medical wellness programs, practitioners, products, facilities, and services. With a proven track record of positively impacting individuals and global entities, including Fortune 100 companies like P&G, MWA stands as the internationally recognized leader in the field.

Our mission is to empower medical wellness professionals worldwide through strategic leadership, comprehensive training, and meticulous planning. The Global MWA Expert Leadership ensures optimal market analysis, feasibility studies, financial assessments, and clinical research, culminating in the establishment of Medical Wellness Professional Guidelines. This rigorous process leads to formal MWA Professional Acceptance, Certification, and a documented history of transformative outcomes.

Medical Wellness Mission Statement